Since 1965, we have on a subcontracting basis manufactured plastic parts for our customers. We still offer today our services and expertise within the field of injection-moulding, for both Swedish and global customers.

In addition to injection-moulding, we can also fulfil other needs like assembling (cleanroom class 8) packing and logistics.


We have for a number of years sterilized our products with EtO. When our former supplier discontinued this service, we had to find a new solution. We have validated our own sterilization cycle for our “Mixed Load Concept” at our supplier, Rose GmbH, which means that since the autumn of 2016 we offer Nordic companies EO sterilization contracts at a reasonable cost.

This concept means that the customer pays a small entrance fee and receives a copy of the complete validation. Thereafter, the cost is charged per pallet. Contact us to assess whether or not your product can be sterilized in our cycle.

Packaging Tests

In connection with sterilization, shelf life studies are required to verify the expiry date of the packaging.

Residual Gas Test

After the first sterilization, a Residual Gas Test is done to evaluate the amount of gas remaining on the product, before market release. This is done according to ISO 10993-7.

Microbiological tests

We can help you with questions regarding microbiology and other associated tests.