Modern production of Medical Devices

Injection moulding

Wing Plast has a modern and automated manufacturing plant of medical devices. The production consists of both fully hydraulic and all-electric machines including robot at each. The staff have extensive experience within injection-moulding of plastic parts and devices. Our facilities have high ceilings and gives a light and pleasant environment to work in.

We are working systematically to develop and improve the working environment for our employees.

Assembling in Cleanroom

Today we have a cleanroom where our products are assembled before sterilization. The cleanroom is classified as ISO class 8. All production has HEPA-ventilated filters and the cleanroom lockers for entry of goods and staff.

All Wing Plast sterile products are sterilized by our own concept of sterilization with Ethylene Oxide (EO). Our customers value the expertise where our manufacturing takes place, with focus on the environment and where only quality products leave our factory.


Our production mostly consists of our own products, but we also work as a subcontractor for a number of companies who leave all, or parts of their production with us. We also deal with other services, such as EO sterilization, Shelf Life studies, and other related services.

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