About us

About us

Our idea is to provide quality medical devices – mainly self-produced disposable instruments in moulded plastic – but also accessories. We cooperate with experts within areas of gynecology, obstetrics, colorectal surgery and urology to develop ideas and innovations to contribute to improved health care globally.


Our products are currently sold around the world, extended across Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. Wing Plast is the Swedish market leader for the production of speculums and Proctoscopes / Rectoscopes.


Our portfolio consists of our own branded disposable instruments, and over the years we have added further instruments and accessories to our range.

Thanks to the efficient and automated production and large warehouse, we are able to offer competitive prices and fast, reliable deliveries direct from our warehouse.

We are pleased to be involved in developing and manufacturing products that help improve the care circumstances for both carers and patients.

Wing Plast history

In 2015, Wing Plast celebrated 50 years. Today, the third generation of the Wilhelmsson family continue with a positive development of the company. We have a large and loyal customer base that have contributed to our succes which means that we are one of the leading company within disposable medical devices within gynecology and colorectal surgery.

When plastic materials entered the Swedish market on a larger scale during the first half of the 20th century, many new injection-moulding factories were started, especially in this part of the country. In 1965, Arne and Roland Wilhelmsson started one of these, which they named Wing Plast AB. Arne, who was considered a pioneer in the area of ​​injection molding, had previously made plastic parts for several years. He himself made a number of injection-moulding machines during his lifetime. The experience, expertise and innovation that Arne had, was a great help and support for Wing Plast.

In the early years of manufacturing, the plastic devices were directed within the area of home appliances, automotive, construction and furniture industries. The first medical devices were manufactured in the 1970s and since the late 1980s, Wing Plast focused on instruments in injection-moulded plastic for gynecology and colorectal surgery.

In 2016 the company purchased Cetro AB. This contributed to an increase of products within Gynecology and Obstetrics. We also became distributer for products within Neonatal.