For 50 years, through three generations, Wing Plast has injection-molded plastic parts of premium quality. For almost 40 years we have specialized in medical instruments, primarily for gynecology and Colorectal surgery. Our modern machinery – with high precision – and experienced staff ensures that we maintain the quality of our products.

ISO Certified

Wing Plast is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. This gives our customers a sense of security that we live up to the market’s high standards and requirements. Our Notified Body and many of our customers do annual inspections audits. Internal audits and process flow analysis are done regularly, e.g. reducing our climate impact and at the same time maintain, or increase, our product quality.

From Idea To Distribution

We work with the entire chain and can therefore affect the quality all the way, from product development to distribution. We have both in-house and outsourced expertise for the entire product development process, including associated documentation.

We can help you with the following: